January 26, 2012

Cutie Pie Thursday/Stay-at-Home-Mom Files: Sticker Book!

The wee boy and I had a spontaneous play/craft/memory session the other day. He has quite a few stickers, from various free/me sources, and he likes to stick them all over the place. I was talking to Mr. Cool about something I remembered having as a kid--a sticker book.

So Lincoln picked out a cheap, yellow (lellow!) comp. notebook, and I added an envelope pocket inside.

We promptly began filling it with stickers. (Give me a smile still has the same cheesy response. Sigh.)

He really liked placing the stickers, and we began to have a big of dialogue about story between them. I think this might be good for travel and waiting as well.

More smiling--hey, at least he tries.

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