January 29, 2012

12/12 in 2012: Souvenir Shawl

This, you might recall (but probably not), is a lovely skein of Plain & Fancy yarn in the colorway Turquoise, that I picked up at the Taos Wool Festival. I used a lovely pattern called Arroyo for it, as they all seemed to meld together in the perfect souvenir--Arroyo, Turquoise, Taos.

This is the shawl just after I cast-off, unblocked. Shawls do amazing things when blocked properly.

This is the lace after blocking--all lovely and open, and a bit pointy.

I love that even though there is a true riot of colors in the yarn, the overall feeling is of Turquoise.

I struggled getting pictures of this one, as it is so long and lovely, but this gives you an idea. You have to see it in person to get an idea of its drape and softness.

The 12/12 in 2012 Project: I have acquired a relatively small yarn stash, but a stash nonetheless. My goal for 2012 is to knit a shawl and a sock each month. Arroyo is this month's shawl, and I'm well on my way with my sock of the month. Not every shawl do I necessarily need to keep (nor every sock, I guess), so if you see anything that you like, let me know! You may receive the shawl, or one like it, for Christmas.

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