October 05, 2011

A Trip to Taos: Taos Cow Blows Our Minds

When looking for recommendations on Taos, Taos Cow kept coming up. It's actually in Arroyo Seco, about 20 minutes from Taos, but if you are in the region--go. Just go.

Lincoln loved all the cows, and as soon as we walked in and he spotted the ice cream, he wanted ice cream. We told him he had to eat something else first and led by example.

Mr. Cool had "the best roast beef sandwich I've ever had" with insanely good Thai coleslaw,
while I had Thai coconut curry soup, loaded with yummy veggies and intense flavor, and accompanied by awesome rye toast.

Mr. Cool and Lincoln with the ice cream beauty shot--you can see that Lincoln is really into this ice cream. From left, clockwise: Chocolate Mexican Chocolate, Raspberry, and Lavender.

We asked Lincoln if he wanted raspberry or strawberry, and he answered, "Chocolate." So that's what he got. It was yummy--almonds, cinnamon, fudgyness.

He also deigned to try some raspberry--the best fruity ice cream we've ever had, and the lavender which seriously blew our minds. Definitely worth the trip!

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