October 07, 2011

A Trip to Taos: Fibery Loot

This may not seem like much loot, but there are two reasons: I stuck to my budget, and I picked up a fair number of gifts, which will be revealed at a later date.
This was my favorite booth--I've purchased from them before at Estes Park, and I love the colors and softness of their yarn. I got there early, and so didn't have much of a crowd to fight through to make my selections.

I'm sorry my yarn pics aren't better--this skein is gorgeous. It's named turquoise, and I picked it up as my "souvenir" skein, and I have already picked a shawl to make out of it called Arroyo. Perfect, huh?
This lovely "graphite" skein is destined to become another shawl--one of my purposes at the wool festival was to find a great grey for an everyday shawl, and this fit the bill.

I had not been to this booth before, but it became a favorite. The owners/dyers/workers/whoever was running the booth was delightful, and their colors were gorgeous, and their wool affordable. Trifecta!
I have been oddly drawn to neon colors recently, so I couldn't pass up this skein. When I bought it, one of the workers said, "Ah, the OMG skein." I was also informed that it will fluoresce under a black light. I really want to knit it under a black light now!

I think I have enough for a nice hat or cowl to sear people's eyes with this winter!

Mark's favorite vendor was selling "Taos Tortillas"--placemats, potholders, and napkin rings made of scorched 100% wool felt. They are really awesome--that looks just like a tortilla, doesn't it? We think we need some cactus or chili pepper salt and pepper shakers to complete the table with that.

I really, truly loved this festival, and I can't wait to go again--I think I need to make a trip with my knitting group, one with my sister . . .

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Hannah said...

"OMG skein" - good one.