October 26, 2011

Cutie Pie Wednesday: Early Snow

I woke from a dead sleep at 3 AM this morning to discover the power was out and there was a ton of snow outside. Our power came on around 1 PM, and the snow just quit gently drifting down, but I think it's safe to say we got around a foot of snow. Lincoln was ready to enjoy it.

Dad helps get him strapped into his snow pants. Lincoln learned that suiting up for snow is a serious business.

As Lincoln lounges on the bench on the porch, you can get a real sense of how deep the snow was around here!

Flomping in the snow was just about as good as flomping in the pillows!

Daddy helped teach Lincoln about the joy of a snowball!

He liked scooping and tossing the snow!

He tried a little shoveling, but it was just too deep and wet!

His mittens got pretty caked with snow--it's tough to tell where they end and the snowball begins!

My adventurous lad surveys the scene--it was tough to get him to come on in!


Aunt Susan said...

You win--no snow in Anchorage yet, and we are happy about that! Imagine bundling up 25 kindergarteners for recess twice a day. Looks like Lincoln had fun, and I bet it's gone soon!

Amanda said...

I can't believe we beat you to snow! It is still here and icy this morning, but as the predicted high for tomorrow is 70, I bet it will be gone soon! The beauty of Colorado snow on the Front Range, is that it typically doesn't hang around long!