October 04, 2011

A Trip to Taos: Travel and Rest

Because Mr. Cool and the new Cool loved me, when I was unable to attend the Estes Park Wool Market, they agreed to take a long weekend and journey down to Taos, New Mexico, for the Taos Wool Festival in October. So, we headed out on a road trip, trail mix in our gyro bowls!

Lincoln is pretty excited here about two orange chocolates. It is, as all parents know, immensely fun to head out on the road with a kid who is old enough to enjoy trail mix, books, and other road fun.

We stopped at this veteran's memorial on the road, replete with a plane. Lincoln loved it, and cried to go back after we left. I hope he remembers his parents were willing to stop in the first place!

Our "new home" as Lincoln called, the lovely El Pueblo Lodge--large rooms, lovely staff, and green space all around for small boys to run around.

Fireplaces, grills, and chairs were scattered all over--truly a great place for families and others getting together. Lincoln had fun pointing out the suns.


Hannah said...

Don't tell our observers as I haven't even officially secured my husband yet, but this post makes me want a small boy of my own. What an awesome trip!

Amanda said...

I won't tell--but I hope someday our small boys can run around together!