June 27, 2011

Let's Get Physical: Our Home Gym

After nearly 5 years of fits and starts and cramming this room with junk, we finally completed our little unfinished laundry room gym. (If anyone is even vaguely familiar with Jersey Shore (I've never watched it, just seen it on entertainment shows) we can now do laundry and work out in the same room, which means we just need a tanning bed to live up to one of the show's mottos, Gym Tan Laundry.) We added the floor a few years ago, and this time it was about cleaning, sprucing up the walls, and really making this a place to exercise.

The walls were unfinished--you could see the insulation. And although it said formaldehyde-free, it was still tough to run next to. We had talked about totally finishing the walls, stapling fabric over it, and other ideas, but nothing was happening. As I've been doing the Couch to 5-K, I've been on the treadmill a bit, and the walls were driving me nuts. I bought a ton of posterboard, taped up workouts and inspirational stuff I'd saved from magazines, Mr. Cool helped me staple them to the wall, and voila! Workout wallpaper!

This is now a pretty happy place to work out (especially since we've also added an oscillating fan), and just yesterday I had my first 20-minute run in its friendly confines. If you ever come and stay with us, feel free to use the facilities!

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Jennifer Miller said...

Good for you!! That's awesome!! :D I love that I know so many people doing the C25K - I'm about to start it back up again since I've not run in awhile.