June 02, 2011

Cutie Pie Thursday: Professional Pics

Continuing our tradition, we went and took Lincoln and family snaps right before his birthday. We also decided to continue to be huge nerds, and wear our "matching" Star Wars t-shirts. Here you can see an attempt at mother/son pictures, with Lincoln doing a spot-on Thinker impersonation while ensconced in a leather armchair with Obi-Wan Bearnobi.

A close-up of the wee lad in leather and Chewbacca.

Our best family shot--in full on nerdery attire. Even Mr. Cool is smiling!

I love this little cutie--and Portrait Innovations! If you have one nearby, try it out! It's tough to be cheap, though, when your spawn is this cute!


Hannah said...

I love 'The Thinker,' but my favorite are the last two.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE these pics. I am so proud of y'all for your flagrant and unabashed nerdiness! (And how cool is that that Obi-Wan Bearnobi gets to be in the picture?) We have a clone trooper bear and a Darth Vader bear... didn't know Obi-Wan was available though!