June 24, 2011

Cutie Pie Friday: My Internet is Back, Or Family Meeting

We had a family ranch meeting/reunion in Laramie, WY in June. Lincoln discovered the wonderful world of hotel room mini-fridges. Especially when mommy stocks them with juice.

Sista Cool, a UW alum and her husband, brotha-in-law Cool, posed with a bucking bronc.

The whole extended clan (minus me and another photog) in Prexy's Pasture.

Lincoln got up close and personal with some art.

Papa Cool highlighted many aspects of family history and ranch business, including a very cool map of the ranch.

Lincoln discovered a giant dinosaur!

My Aunt Susan took pics outside her college at UW--and in front of one of the most redundant signs on the face of the earth.

More hotel room fun: Lincoln discovers riding the cart with the luggage--and your cowboy hat.

A frequent scene of the 3-day meeting: Lincoln playing while we listened and took notes.

Everyone walking by a UW building--so green and beautiful!

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Aunt Susan said...

Thanks, Amanda--these are great! I just put some of ours on a disc to send to people. How is Mark?