June 05, 2011

Baby Got Backstitch

Sometimes, I do crafts that don't involve knitting. One thing I enjoy is simple backstitching. I had this great fabric, and I needed something fun to put over Lincoln's new toy storage. I simply bought cheap embroidery hoops, backstitched over one small part of the design, and cut and glued the fabric into the hoop. I think it needs some ribbon, but I like the effect.

Here is the whole grouping. See--they need ribbon, and maybe something else. Ideas?
And for part of Lincoln's birthday, I embroidered this adorable monkey from a Fancy Tiger kit. I love Fancy Tiger--if you love fabric, wool, knitting, crocheting, felting--and you live anywhere near Denver, please go. They always have the best kits.


abby said...

Agreed on the greatness of Fancy Tiger! Did you know Ben and I live just around the corner from it?

Amanda said...

Mark is so grateful I don't live right next to Fancy Tiger! How awesome!