January 01, 2010

Cutie Pie New Year: Christmas Re-Cap

Wow--our first Christmas with the wee lad. Visitors, gifts, and fun galore. Today, in our late-breaking Cutie Pie Thursday, a quick look at our 7-month old (!) and gifts. Pictures posted a bit out of order, so we are truly going back in time . . .

Lincoln's favorite gift was actually one to me--he loves my CamelBak water bottle.

Our future little rancher was gifted two horses this year--and the ribbon, like every wrapping, went straight to his mouth.

In fact, all wrapping went straight to his mouth.

Stockings did too.

I think the lad did enjoy the attention from Prince, parents, grandparents, and everyone else. As long as mom and dad were holding him.

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Dear Ol' Granddad said...

Can't hardly stand it when cutie-pie thursday is "late breaking". We haven't named the horses in the remuda yet.