February 17, 2009

Dressing Master Cool

Sorry for the blog silence--I had parent/teacher conferences, and then a few days off, and I was just really enjoying seeing Tybalt pop up whenever I looked at my blog.

Anyway, for part of my time off, Mama Cool and I started to check out the baby shops looking for clothes for the boy. I discovered something--clothing for small boys has either frogs, trucks, dinosaurs, or dogs on it. There is some variation, but at the different stores we went to, each store had boys' clothing with frogs, trucks, dinosaurs, or dogs on it. Sure, it was still cute, but I was hoping for some more variety. I was also saddened by some of the gender assignment done by clothing stores--there were little girl outfits with music notes, but no little boy outfits with music themes. What gives? Mozart and Bach were boys, right?

We did find plenty of cute things (and on sale, for the most part), including a few cowboy-related items that Papa Cool liked, an incredibly dapper orange outfit for his uncle's wedding, and a cute onesie with panda bears. (I was surprised by the lack of bear items. I'd also have enjoyed seeing more space-related items, baby clothes designers.)

What clothes do you think are cutest on babies?


Hannah said...

I think Asian babies are the cutest. Oh wait, that wasn't the question...

Space clothes for girls and boys would be cute. You should start a line of presidents clothes for kids!

I think music, pop culture, and teddy bears could be combined in some type of Rolling Stones or Greatful Dead onsie, which must surely exist.


mark said...

I think I'll leave the dead-head onesies on the shelves next to the "natural hemp lotion." Anyway, I too would like to see more space clothes, maybe a STAR TREK TNG frock perhaps!

But seriously, tactical assult clothing, bandileros, maybe a flightsuit onesies for the global imperialists such as myself. Some clothes say "I'm cute, pick me up so I can puke on your shoulder..." I'm looking for something that says "manifest destiny is my birth right..."

Actually seriously, I object to things that are cute without the baby in them, but I think music quotes on a boys shirt isn't a bad idea.