October 03, 2008

The VP Debate

Well, not too bad, I think. No moments of, "Senator, I knew Jack Kennedy, and you are no Jack Kennedy." No candidates declaring, "Who am I? Why am I here?"

Although, to be fair, I sort've zoned out and started surfing the internet after a half hour, as I can only take so many talking points before I get grumpy. I relish the fact that we are only about a month away from the end of the campaign, as it truly feels like it has been going on since I was a wee voter.

I think I have only about one political, election-related blog post left in me. Then we will return to our normal teaching, reading, knitting schedule. So, today I leave you with an interesting commentary on the debate from Peggy Noonan. It was nice to read a moderate, conservative, positive spin.

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mark said...

Nice commentary, I especially like her thoughts that a good spoof on SNL almost legitimizes an individuals role in society, and my guess is people would rather have Palin elected than Joe Biden so they can see Tina Fey for often.