October 28, 2008

Standing up for Sarah

I found this interesting article, concerning how some feminists who disagree with Sarah Palin are still trying to stand up for her. I found it interesting, as I too have been disheartened at the treatment she has received with a lack of media outcry. Specifically, when I heard Larry Flynt was crafting a porn film about her, without any sort of outcry, I felt a loss of hope for the position of women in our society. Perhaps if more people think like those in the article, there is some hope.


Matty said...

Yeah, it's strange that the folks who are finding racism behind every tree and under every rock in this election cycle have been shameless in their sexism.

I liked the Obama camp's contention that Palin bringing up Ayers was racist followed by a Dem spokesman saying that if McCain wanted to throw bombs on the Ayers front, they shouldn't have sent out "the fluffy bunny." I can decide whether it was funny or incredibly sad that the AP reported that one straight up without a hint of irony.

Oh well. So it goes.

mark said...

I too find it interesting that the 4th estate could find sexism from the right when Hillary Clinton was still running, but couldn't recognized masogony if it put on a "wife beater", pop opened a keystone light, started watching SPIKE TV 24/7, and renewed its subscription to Maxim! Interesting how they can be so hypocritical?

(sorry to insult keystone light by grouping it with the above)