October 29, 2008

Sweetie, I've Got Bad News

This is old news, but I'm pretty sure you don't know--Fox cancelled New Amsterdam. Oh--and CW cancelled Aliens in America. I was just checking, because I hadn't seen any ads. I thought I'd let you know. Bummer.

Please post any remembrances of TV shows you loved that were cancelled way too soon.


Gypsy said...

okay, random comment.
i found this blog while googling Star Wars and feminism (dug your view, btw, and since i have no thoughts of my own on the subject, i was more than happy to supply yours to the friend w/ whom i was waxing intellectual).
and then i was curious, so i read your most recent posts including the ones about Palin, Obama & the Godfather, the fantasy campaigns (loved those too; mine own can be found here for those those who can't resist clicking on things).
and through it all, a chill started at the base of my spine and began to spread throughout my entire body.
and i thought to myself, 'oh my; i think she's one of them'.
i should preface the rest of this by saying that i'm just a silly Canadian; meaning i'm inclined towards a liberal bias, i've no culture beyond what i see in your movies and i suffer from the national predilection towards raw seal meat.
so please, consider the source and take it w/ a grain of salt when i say... wtf?
now, i couldn't actually find anything that said which way you were voting, but the amount of pro-Palin stuff was head-scratching in itself.
now, take it from me, who supports equal rights regardless of race, gender or sexual preferance, There Is Nothing That Says The Anti-Christ Has to Be Male.
in fact, it rather works much better if it isn't, wouldn't you say? for the name, i mean.
i'm sure she was a great mayor. i'm less sure about her qualifications as governer (those poor wolves). and i'm completely certain that she represents the very pinnacle of ignorant evil which western civilization has encouraged and now, finally, perfected.
but enough.
mostly, i'm just curious. i don't get the chance to talk with many republican supporters, so it's kind of like a morbid circus-fascination. also, i get really, really scared.
because if intelligent people like you are voting McCain/Palin, then this entire planet is doomed.
and as an earthling first and an everything else second, i'm a little concerned.
finally, in reference to the actual post i am commenting on, one of the greatest shows ever was HBO's Carnivàle, axed after two seasons and ending on the most f---ed cliffhanger this soul has ever seen. an epic saga of good versus evil set in the dustbowl, "the last age of magic", this show probably could have survived if the creators had only thought to include a 'previously on...' tag at the beginning of each episode.
also, it would have been nice if Seinfeld could have continued forever. oh, wait. i forgot. Michael Richards wrecked Seinfeld.

The Coach said...

Farewell, Firefly; they canceled you after just one great season, and then made a movie based on your popularity. Oh well; at least you won't suffer the fate of shows that they still haven't axed like Smallville which was so great for a while, and then they just kept it alive when they shouldn't have.