October 01, 2008

Blue Jeans

Without a doubt, blue jeans are my favorite piece of clothing. (This might break my mother's heart.) I feel like I look better in a great pair of jeans, that all my t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, vests, and blazers look better with my jeans, and that I am much more comfortable in my jeans.

This is a deep, life-long love affair, although according to pictures, my childhood in the 1980s led to some pretty bad pairs of jeans. I've also never quite recovered from Levi's decision to stop making ladies' 565s, which were my favorite style.

So, this week is my favorite week of school. Why? It's Spirit Week, which means as long as we are dressing up/participating in the fun days, I can wear jeans. It's fabulous--as a comfortable person, I'm a better teacher, I have more fun with the kids, and I'm quicker to the right discipline move.

Sigh. If only I could be draped in denim every day. (I love you, Mama Cool, and I do wear dresses and skirts sometimes, really!)

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