September 02, 2008

A New Friend

I had a birthday last week, turning 29 with cards, gifts, calls from friends and family, and visits. It was fun--I always love my birthday, feeling like it's my own personal National Holiday. My friends and family know and love me very much, so I always receive fabulous cards and gifts. This year, my lovely Mama Cool surprised me with a new friend to share my morning with--and I just had to share it with the blog. Please come visit, and you can share a pot of tea with me and my friend.

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Hannah said...

I hope my card was among them that have at least arrived by now. HBD, dear. And what a fun present from your momma. I want to come have chamomile from it, would that be possible?

I just started watching 30 Rock last week. Do you know it? I think you would be amused by its irreverence.