September 25, 2008

A Lurking Conservative

I haven't been blogging much, because I've been engaged in ready an incredibly lengthy debate on one of the general forums on Ravelry. It started out with the question from a European confused about the positive response toward Sarah Palin. It has turned into an intense, somewhat acrimonious debate concerning McCain vs. Obama.

Yesterday afternoon, I had sometime to throw up a few mild ideas that were moderately well received. Reading it this afternoon (I had over five hundred posts to catch up on), I realized that only one conservative woman was posting her ideas, and she was being debated by about twelve more liberal women. It was interesting to read--I lurked, but chickened out of really getting involved. I was a bit shocked to read this vitriol from women who love to knit, but apparently I've picked up a habit not quite in keeping with my more conservative self.

Should I have spoken up? Shouldn't we all just agree to disagree? Is the election invading any of your "comfort" spots?

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