September 23, 2008

Is it 11-5 yet?

My students are eagerly awaiting the end of the election season. As they can't vote, they are mostly indifferent to the process, and they are REALLY tired of all the political ads. I feel their pain.

I have to admit to some election fatigue myself, but as November 4th creeps up on us, I realized I hadn't checked out the candidates' education policies. If you care about education as well, please check out each candidate's ideas before you make your choice. Keep in mind, though, that the total American mindset toward education may need a change. The Quite Cool educational policy would involve changing our entire way of schooling, and perhaps moving away from a liberal arts education for every student. Harry Potter didn't take English I-IV. Maybe we should only give students a liberal arts education through grade six, and then allow them to make a choice about their future education.

Anyway, I have many more thoughts, but I also have some grading to do, so without further ado:

Barack Obama's Education Policy

John McCain's Education Platform

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