September 09, 2008

Evil Amanda

You might not know this, but I am a die-hard Indianapolis Colts fan. "Wait!" you shout, "You live in Colorado! Aren't you supposed to root for the Broncos?"

"A-ha!" I reply, "I was born and raised in Wyoming, so aside from my beloved University of Wyoming Cowboys, I'm a free agent."

So, the Colts. I love 'em dearly, the whole organization, and a part of me would move to Indianapolis just to be around like-minded fans. I have the jersey of a Colts player who shares my last name that my dear brotha-in-law The Coach gave me. I grew so angry at the start of their Super Bowl that I had to go sit in another room to cool off. (Devin Hester ran back the opening kick-off for a TD, if you've forgotten.) I managed to come back and enjoy the victory, however.

Anyway, the Colties (as I call 'em), had a bit a bad start against those Bears yesterday, but I feel confident Peyton will get his groove back and we'll be stormin' through the AFC again.

And then, yesterday, the best news for a Colts fan--Tom Brady is out for the season. A gleeful Evil Amanda pumped her fist in joy at the computer screen. I'm predicting it now, especially based on the Chargers start, Colts Super Bowl XLIII champs!


The Coach said...

I do, of course, feel bad for Tom Brady - a little - because the poor guy only has millions of dollars in his pocket (if he didn't piddle it all away already) and he'll still get his current pay for sitting around doing nothing. It's like being under house arrest. Also, it's sort of poetic, isn't it? Didn't he become the #1 guy at New England because Drew Breese got injured? Doesn't it seem right that the next guy should get that same chance?

Amanda said...

Ah, I had that same thought as well. Perhaps Tom Brady should be watching Matt Cassel closely, just in case history repeats itself. Ah, well, maybe he'll get to be a better dad to his son.