September 15, 2008

A Moment of Silence

When I first moved to Greeley, there were no Starbucks places. There was a delightful bagel shop that served great coffee. Now, there are (pause while I add them up) at least eight Starbucks locations in Greeley, CO.

I can't lie, I've had a Starbucks on occasion. My favorite coffee place in town, though, was Dazbog, where I could enjoy a delicious sugar-free peanut butter latte. Mama Cool loved to get a cinnamon-coconut latte when she visited. I had a long-running Bible study that always met there. Dazbog closed this summer.

My knitting group has been meeting at Red Roasters, a locally owned coffee shop, that seemed to have a good crowd and a lot of buzz. I just heard from a fellow knitter that it closed down. Where do we meet now, we wonder? We've considered a lot of local places, but not a Starbucks.

Most mornings, my car pool stops for coffee at the Human Bean, a great, friendly drive-thru shop, with no place to stop in and gab while sipping an addictive Cafe Mocha.

So, today, I ask for a moment of Silence for all the Coolest coffee shops in Greeley, slowly consumed by a monster of, dare I say it, Moby Dick proportions.


mark said...

Well said my love! The Evil Empire has conquered the local java joints. For the mean time, your first mate can be the Bread Board, who don't seem to be going anywere anytime soon. Sad to hear about Red Roasters though, they had the best "cup of the day" with free refills.

Lynn Trew said...

I am with you Amanda!!! I have never liked Starbucks either although it was a good stock to have at one point. I have all my favorite non-SB's across Wyoming... my favorite is in Riverton... the Pony Expresso (drive-thru with a canopy) It is the home of the Soft Latte and they have LOTS of sugar-free flavors unlike SB that only has three! There you really got me going!