February 12, 2011

No No Angora

Susie's Reading Mitts

Mama Cool gave me the dreamy Cascade Cloud 9 yarn (50% wool, 50% angora), along with the needles and pattern for these beautiful fingerless mitts. The yarn was soft, the pattern engaging, and I knit them up in four days. Sadly, my old bunny allergy reared its ugly head, and I knit them with watery, itchy, swollen eyes. I have passed them along to my beautiful Mama Cool, in hopes that she can enjoy them, and I plan to knit a new pair for myself, probably in an all-wool yarn.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love them! But I am so sorry that they don't work for you! I am anxious for you to have your own pair! Love, Mama Cool!

Hannah said...

Yes, they're very beautiful. I did not realize you could not do the rabbit fur.