November 03, 2009

Sleep Paranoia

How will I sleep tonight? You'll have to wait and see, Mama.

The babe slept great last night. Only one small peep between 9 PM and 5:45 AM, when it was time for first breakfast. He's asleep now, in his quest for nearly twelve hours. This is amazing, and tempts me to fall into a relaxed state about getting a solid 8 hours myself. Many a maternal doomsayer has warned that his quality sleeping habits won't stay--they warn of teething, illness, disrupted nights. I'm sure that's true, and thanks for the positive encouragement, but I want to be able to enjoy his good sleeping.

When he first started putting in quality hours at night, I would wake up frantic every half hour or so. I would ask Mr. Cool if he was sleeping too much, if I needed to wake him up to feed him, if this was bad that he slept so soundly. I now realize I was merely adding lines to my face, creating the white hair I pulled two weeks ago, and robbing myself of good sleep. There are many things in life we can't guarantee--I don't know that he will sleep well tomorrow--but when things are going well--when my lad curls up with his blanket and knocks out solid hours of sleep--I should relax and rejoice.

I've always tried to live by the ideal that you shouldn't borrow trouble, or worry about tomorrow, but I find these even harder credos with a small babe in house. It takes serious effort to give him up to God, and enjoy the moments as they come. It's effort I'll continue to give.

Oh--I believe my boy has been reading the parenting books. He was almost 4 months when he started sleeping in his crib, and the longest he could fast (sleep with eating) was six hours, just as the book said. The book stated that when he reached 5 months, he could make it nine hours. Sure enough, the night of his 5 month birthday, he hit nine hours before he cried to eat. He's kept to that ever since. He's pretty amazing.

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