November 12, 2009

Cutie Pie Thursdays: The High Chair

I could post pictures of my boy all day, every day--one of our favorite games is camera! to cut down on that, though, I'm instituting Cutie Pie Thursdays, with a special theme each week. Today, our newest baby gear, the humble high chair.

The brand-new model, with Linc the Lion's meal of choice: the elephant!

The family classic, Aunt Susan's from 19(cough, cough)--he has just dropped an heirloom spoon!

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Hannah said...

I've been trying all week to comment...

On the off chance that the pictures with the elefante are posed, it's still very sweet and warms my heart in the absence of a cuddle.

Also, why are only the first seasons of Friends good? Does it get too formulaic at the end?