November 10, 2009

Only 45 Shopping Days!

Lincoln has already started his search through the toy catalogs.

Believe it or not, Christmas will be here in 45 days. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday I was pregnant, teaching, grading and then WHAM! here we are, with an almost-six-month-old who will soon be enjoying (I hope) his first Christmas. We stashed away a few things to give him for Christmas, and luckily he will be 6 MO +, which allows him to enter a whole new world of toys. I'm working on knitting a giant mitten to serve as his first stocking, and it is turning into a giant mitten. I only meant to double the size of a regular mitten, but it has gotten a bit out of control. For the first time, I'm not only enjoying the world of snow and Christmas through the eyes of a baby, but I'm not having to cram it in around teaching and finals. I hope this season we will be able to relax and rejoice. I love this time of year, and I hope he learns to love it as well.

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