November 30, 2009

Original Sin

My six-month-old knows that he is not supposed to grab the corner of his blanket. He had just been told no about 30 seconds prior to this picture. Look at the look on his face--he's thinking, "Oh-ho, mama, I'm going to put my hairy toe over the line and see what happens!" He may be the world's most delightful baby, sleeping well, making cute-cute sounds, and dealing well with his croupy cold, but he is going to press any boundary given him.

Not seen in photo--Mr. Cool hanging out in his Snuggie!


Dear 'Ol Dad said...

Hey Mr Cutie Pie, Grammy and Grandaddy Cool will let you grab the corner of your blanky any 'ol time. And with a sweetie treat (when you can eat solid food of course-we are responsible grandparents).

Jennifer Miller said...

LOL - I LOVE his expression here. Hehehehe. Such a sweetheart!

Lynn Trew said...

I had a couple of boys like that...the expression on his face is priceless, Amanda! You caught him on the verge!!!