September 09, 2009

Farewell, Convenience

Today, we bid adieu to our wireless internet at home. Mr. Cool, the small Cool and I will now have to load up our trusty laptop and venture out into the wilderness in search of free wifi. It's all part of the baby budget--Friday, we lose our satellite TV--but this one stings a bit, as it will soon be harder to learn of the comings and goings of the world. We will not abandon the blog, though. We will be intrepid adventurers. I've left you today, with a few more snapshots of the most photogenic cool.
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1 comment:

Hannah said...

It must be said not having internet at home is a pain in the tushie, but once you've scouted out your places, found your trees to park behind, and set a rhythm to your internet life, I'm sure you'll find it a passable substitute to wireless.

I trust your blog will not falter.

Now onto Mad Men and whatever DVD glories the library may hold! (Have you tried M*A*S*H* in your adulthood. I highly recommend).