September 16, 2009

Back in Black

Kicking is what we do best!

Well, the wee one and I loaded up the laptop and strollered our way to the Safeway, to sit in their wifi hotspot. The wee one was doing fairly well, but is beginning to be a bit frustrated by his confinement in the stroller--he likes to be free to kick his legs.

I think we have tapped into a nice routine for the internet though, as they have chairs and free wifi and are within a quick walk. He is giving me this look--are we done yet, mama? Can I get out? He is dear, and the last few days I have realized I wasn't enjoying this whole process enough--I was focused on surviving, on doing laundry and dishes and changing diapers, and not enjoying him and staying home, and being free to walk to the internet whenever, and watch the making of LOTR documentaries in the middle of the day. So, I gave myself permission to enjoy, and it's been pretty wonderful.

A Quick Book Recomendation: My Aunt in Alaska (official title) sent me The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which I loved. I read it in two days, which is impressive at this stage of the game, and it was super. I love a good epistolary novel, being raised on Daddy Long Legs.

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Aunt Susan said...

Hey, Amanda, glad you liked the book! I thought it was an enjoyable read. I am now trying to get through "Twilight", in order to relate to my youngest teenager! Cute pics of Lincoln. I think he looks like your mom!