September 02, 2009

The Evolution of Beard

Well, blogger loaded my pictures in the opposite order I meant, and my small charge doesn't allow for a lot of extra blogging time, so this is going to be a reverse evolution--from man to amoeba, if you will. Mark had about six weeks of glorious beard time, and then had to shave. I could do a version of this as well, but nobody wants to see that. (I'm talking about my legs. Sorry to work a bit blue.)

Clean shaven and smiling?

The acceptable work moustache--forbidden by home, though.

The 1970s cop moustache--you have the right to remain funky!

The Chester A. Arthur--perfect for forgettable presidents!

The cleaned-up tough guy beard.

The full beard--six weeks of classy growth.


The Coach said...

70's cop mustache -- that's what I'm talking about.

Hannah said...

My favorite line: "The acceptable work moustache--forbidden by home, though." Ha.