June 05, 2009

Return to Normalcy?

Other things I might have titled this post:

Screw Natural Childbirth: Induction+ Epidural + C-Section

The Tracks of My Tears: Uncontrollable Emotion

You Little Bugger: Mr. Cool's Top 5 Ways to Get Peed On

Who Needs Sleep? Well, I'm Never Going to Get It

The Delivery Diet: An Expose on Infomercial Diet Before Photos, or How I Lost 21 Pounds in 7 Days

Time Flies When You're Feeding Someone Every 2-3 Hours (Oops, the Dinner Bell Just Rang)

Leaving the House: The Thrill of Doctor's Visits

Thanks Everyone: How Good Wishes, Prayers, and Positive Thoughts Sustain New Moms


Sarah said...

Ohhh how I remember those days. Not the glory days for sure, BUT it really does get better... I promise! And BTW, pretty cute for a cute baby! Look how round that head is. :) The one good thing about C-section? Although, I could argue a few more points that would side on the c-section route. Glad you made it through and look forward to meeting the little squirt. Congratulations!

Aunt Susan said...

Congratulations Amanda and Mark! (a few days late) Lincoln is a very cute baby, said by a person who has never gravitated towards a new baby! I remember not enjoying the first few weeks of being a new mom--Grant just screamed his head off most of the time. But everybody told me that would pass and it would get better. They were right, but sometimes I wondered! We can't wait to see all of you! Hang in there--you will get to sleep again, until he is a teenager!

Aunt Susan