June 08, 2009

Eleven Days and Counting . . .

I had prepared for the lack of sleep, the late nights, and the crying - but I guess you can never really prepare. I'm tired, but in a weeks time I will have the delight of heading back to work. My better, or more accurately, my breaster half - will be stuck at home feeding this sleep stealer all on her lonesome. My sympathies go out to her and wish her the very best. Until that time, I too shall suffer her fate. I have been surprised by many things since Linc's arrival, but the most surprising thing I've learned so far: a pretty fair price for a black market baby is somewhere in the $40-65K range. Not bad, any takers.....no, seriously?

That's good, cause if you had answered in the affirmative I would have been compelled to bring such vocalizations to the attention of the authorities. Babies are to be cherished, loved, so on and so forth - not traded on the closed market as items of conspicuous consumption. I'm saddened that you even brought it up - you should be ashamed of yourself. Well, I'm going to go take a nap.

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