March 03, 2009

Square Root Day

I love weird combinations of numbers. My mind just works that way. So, today is an awesome day, and one that doesn't come around all the time. A few years ago we had 2-2-04, and as I've been testing my students, we have a few more to come this century.

My students, of course, think I'm crazy, not knowing my intense love of numerical oddities. My sister has the sweetest birthday (which I can't tell you, because I use it as a password occasionally), and I've always enjoyed my own 8-28, with a 5-25 anniversary. I was hoping for an exciting birthday for my little one--I originally had aimed at 6-7-08, but Mr. Cool shot that down. This year, I had the chance for 7-8-09, but I'm about a month too early. I can still hope for 6-3-09.

Any other number fetishists out there?

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Hannah said...

I can only offer another humble palindrome, as it was in Canada:


But our old amigo, Diego Eli Stafford, has the day: