March 23, 2009

His and Hers Spring Breaking Point:

Fortunately enough, Quite Cool and I are privileged to get paid vacation time, which given the time of year, is a much anticipated break from school and jail. The questions is always “where to go and what to do?”

If I had it my way, we’d embark on a weeklong extravaganza of whitewater rafting, obscure historic cites, a little poker, and some motorcycling – capped off with a weekend of intensive firearms training, room clearing drills, and active shooter engagements at Valhalla, Thunder Ranch, H&K, or Triple Canopy.

If she had it her way, we’d hole up at the Four Seasons in a warm and dry climate to be plied with room service, spa treatments, and lounging in a fluffy bathrobe on 700 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in the comfort of frigid A/C while watching cable TV– with side trips for a smorgasbord of books, obscure historic sights, and knitting boutiques searching for the elusive Tanzanian Virgin Alpaca Yarn, transplanted intergalactically to be harvested, spun, and died by hand on the forest moon of Endor by Ewoks – which gives it its supple texture and mythological warmth in knitted scarves, gloves, and headbands. (I know, I know – you say there is no such thing – I say you just have to know where to look, and it’s better and cheaper than Ton Ton yarn imported from Hoth – I should know, see picture above/right.)

In the past we have recreated our Honeymoon in Steamboat Springs to great enjoyment, and even made it across “the pond” to enjoy 8 fantastic days in London town (hizzah student loans!). However, those aren’t viable options this year. So, as all married couples do: we compromise. Spring break this year will be Scottsdale, AZ – but no Four Seasons, just a Snow Bird’s Paradise Condo in 1972 d├ęcor. It has the benefits of a warm climate, A/C, a pool and hot tub, the octogenarians on either side of us won’t be drinking and partying past 7pm, and has the added element of little to no-cost housing.

Gas, food, and other expenditures such as a Cactus League MLB game, maybe some golfing, a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Taliesin West”, and a budget busting foray to the ever kitsch and efficient Scandinavian furniture that is IKEA for baby stuff– will all be charged to Master Cool’s college fund (I’m sure he’ll want to attend a second-tier state school anyway, or maybe Barber’s College).

Chime in with your opinion: Which option sounds the most Fun? There are 4 seats still available if you chose option #3, on a cost-plus scenario. Just be warned, Quite Cool will be shoving Capri Sun after Capri Sun into my hands so I’ll think 47 bathroom stops on the 14 hour drive was my idea…


Amanda said...

Perhaps we are the wrong ones to knock second-tier state schools--a funny post, though, Mr. Cool. I hope this week goes by quickly so that we can get started on our compromised trip. (You also forgot about the golfing!)

Hannah said...

It sounds wonderful. I definitely want a seat in the Capri Sun wagon. I'm down with Cactus League baseball, trips for wood fired pizza followed by a trip across the street to the Sugar Bowl, that newish mall with an Anthropologie, IKEA, maybe a little IMAX, and lots of hot tubbing with the Cools.