March 24, 2009

Pregnancy Musings, Volume 2

  • I thought about putting a picture from Aliens up, but the ones I found were a tad too bloody for family audiences. The kicking, punching, rolling, and hiccuping by a living thing the size of a cantaloupe IN MY STOMACH, however, are both awesome and bizarre, much like the alien popping out of the poor dude's stomach. The moment that Mr. Cool was first able to feel him kicking, though, was incredible. I particularly liked his analysis--"It felt like I thought someone kicking while in a pillow would feel"--true, but still weird for me.
  • I am oddly jealous of the pregnant senior at our HS. She is also due in June, and stopped by to chat with me. Why am I jealous? She has been wearing comfy sweatpants, knit shorts, large t-shirts, and sweatshirts. I hope to fully enjoy my next pregnancy as a SAHM, so that I too can bask in non-stop super-comfy clothing.
  • A pregnancy seems incredibly long when you begin--40 weeks! Five minutes later, however, you only have eleven weeks. Fear, doubt, nerves, and a hint of excitement all creep in.
  • As a chubby person, I will never get tired of having people tell me that I don't look big enough to be this far along. Who knew it would take pregnancy to feel skinny.

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