March 19, 2009


Birds do it, bees do it, even President Obama does it--it's that bracket time of year again. While I didn't get to use a giant bracket emblazoned with the presidential seal, I too was able to fill out my bracket this year for the 2009 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, the March Madness of lore.

Both the President and I took Syracuse past Oklahoma, a bit of an upset. As a nearly lifelong Dukie, however, I can never pick UNC to win it all, even if that's the wise choice. This year, I'm just participating in a small-time betting organization with my bracket--Mr. Cool, his younger brother and I are all in it for a $10 Target gift card.

So who are your picks? What sort of betting are you doing with your bracket? And, if you're at work, are you seriously considering either streaming the games to your computer or putting them on the TV? (Maybe that's just me--perhaps I shouldn't reveal that my HS has large screen TVs in every room with cable, or at least CBS.)

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