June 13, 2014

National Park Trip 2014: Junior Ranger

Now that he's 5, our small boy could work toward junior ranger badges--and it was one of the most fun parts of our trip! The first thing we got him on our trip was a junior ranger hat:
And he became an expert at spotting animals and making sure we put things in the trash.
Mr. Cool may have gotten a hat too!

In Yellowstone, the program was a lot more intense, but Lincoln worked hard to earn his geyser badge.
He worked on it at the junior ranger station before attending a ranger talk.
We heard a talk on how grizzly bears communicate while buffalo roamed by.
He worked on it at our campsite while I wrote postcards.
And he even accessorized his hat to help with his investigations:
It was so much fun to help him and encourage him to learn and write and color and explore!

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