June 19, 2014

National Park Road Trip 2014: Van Camping

We learned that four months out is way too late to plan to sleep in cabins in Yellowstone--they are all booked.  Campsites, however, are available.  Our problem?  Tent camping and I are not friends.  So, Mr. Cool got to work on turning our van into a serviceable camper--at least for sleeping!
He built Lincoln a sleeping platform in the back of the van.
We would sleep on a full mattress filling up the rest of the back--which worked pretty well, although there was a bit of a slant.
All our stuff (not all here, in this pic) was crammed up front.
Lincoln slept the best!  It wasn't a perfect set-up--tweaks are needed.  Or we just need a real camper!

Our campsite, however, was perfect--Madison campground.  Just a short walk away from the Madison River--
And a magical place where our picky eater ate a fire-toasted hot dog with pleasure!
It was a great adventure!
Our little camping home!

A note:  bison wandered through the campsites one afternoon, but the good pictures are all on Mr. Cool's phone--I will try to add one later!

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