June 12, 2014

National Park Road Trip 2014: Top Waterfalls

Who am I kidding?  They were all magnificent!  If waterfalls are your thing, head to Grand Teton National PRk and Yellowstone National Park!
Hidden Falls--Grand Teton. This was a crazy hike--wading through snow and slipping on muddy rocks next to a snow-melt swollen creek.
Keplar Cascades--Yellowstone.  Right off the road when you enter through the South Entrance.
Gibbon Falls--Yellowstone. I loved how this waterfall was so broad, with both a slow trickling waterfall and a fast rushing one.
Firehole Falls--Yellowstone. In a beautiful canyon on a lovely drive.
Mystic Falls--Yellowstone. Another crazy hike--rainy and cool and in a bear-frequented trail--and we were the first hikers.  I may have approached panic attack!

Upper Falls on the Yellowstone River--not the major one, but gorgeous--and we had it all to ourselves to watch rainbows.

Now it's time for the big one--Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River!
Lincoln at the Brink of the Falls--intense!
Lookout Point--full view--really brought home how amazing it was to stand near the edge!
Through the trees at Artist's Point . . .
The inspiring money shot at Artist's Point. 
We listened to a great sermon by Tim Keller about how we, as followers of Christ, should interact with nature--and one concept stood out:  the waterfall (or any natural thing) is praising God through being as created, so we should let the waterfall be the waterfall.  I rejoiced this trip in letting the waterfall be its own beautiful created splashing self.

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