May 05, 2012

Points Challenge Knitting: Hermione's Cowl

 As part of my challenge to replace mindless snacking with mindful knitting, I've been allowing myself a special project to knit on only when I've stuck to my daily points target.

 For my first project, I created a super-long infinity scarf/lace cowl, following/adapting the pattern, A Grey Loop.  I knit it out Woolen Mills St. yarn, in the colorway Hermione Granger.  The colors are pretty accurate in the above pictures, and it is truly lovely--antique, feminine, strong.
 The cowl is delicate and soft, and I will probably wear it looped twice (as above) most often.
See, when I went to make it long, I made it long.  And also, apparently, forgot I was only 5' 3".

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