May 21, 2012

Cutie Pie Monday: First (Professional) Haircut

For his first professional haircut (mom and dad have both been trimming it with mild success for almost 3 years), we let Lincoln get nice and shaggy, and then we took him to a kids salon, with fire truck seats for the kids.  Here he is, before  his hair cut--seriously shaggy.

Here is the sweet set-up at the salon--fire trucks to sit in, fancy "capes," TVs on which to watch your chosen video (Lincoln picked Curious George), and a cute young thing to trim your hair.  Folks--this is the life.

When she turned to the clippers to clean up his ears and neck, we saw the first real signs of fear, but our brave little toddler made it through his first hair cut.
Here he is--freshly shorn and smiling.  He asked right away--"Can I get another haircut?"

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Hannah said...

I'm loving the Instagram. It's a good transition from dubious clipper face to "Can I get another haircut" face.