April 10, 2012

Arizona 2012: Travel Snapshots

The best thing about staying in hotel rooms--bouncing on the beds! Oh, and this cracked me up--one hotel we stayed in in New Mexico had a red theme, and another had a green theme. He called them New Mexico Red and New Mexico green, and he doesn't even know about chiles!

While we whiled away our car hours, we enjoyed a little Auto Bingo--a game destined to become more and more fun as he grows up.

The biggest winner for killing time in the car, though, was a Playmobil catalog. I think he spent about four hours reading this catalog.


mannyp said...

Haha, reading a catalog for a long time means. He is a true Pollard. I miss playmobil:(

Amanda said...

He kept saying, "Mom, can we get this?" And I would say, "Probably not, but we can look!" "Oh, okay," he would reply.

My sister and I also loved Playmobil--we had a western set that I have been searching my folks' basement for!