April 12, 2012

Arizona 2012: First Zoo--PHX Zoo

While in AZ, we took Lincoln to his first, but not last, zoo. We hung out with a lot of animals--here is the wee lad with mom near some zebras. (Note Lincoln is wearing an L for Lion shirt, and I am wearing Pamba Toto giraffe earrings. Why yes, I am a huge nerd.)

He tried to get as close as he could to the animals--including this gazelle, whose exact name I have forgotten. He would have climbed into enclosures, if we allowed him too. (Don't worry, we didn't.)

Giraffes were the first animals we saw--and they have a beautiful giraffe enclosure, with multiple animals in the same paddock, including ostriches and more.

We also loved all the turtles in the water--here Lincoln and Mr. Cool check out some sunning turtles.

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