February 21, 2012

The Hat of my Dreams

For anyone out there with curly hair, you know that wearing hats in winter can be tricky. Most beanies, as soon as I decide to wear them, I am choosing to have flat hair for the rest of the day. I really wanted to wear a hat, and this week, I decided to try a slouchy hat.

Voila! It looks cute, I think, and my hair was still fairly fluffy and curly even after wearing it for most of Saturday. I knit the Molly hat in my beloved Fair Trade Manos del Uruguay Maxima in the Mixed Berries colorway. I adore this hat--I want to wear it all the time, and knit a dozen more slouchy hats/berets/tams.

1 comment:

The Girl with One Painted Nail said...

I have curly hair as well, so I know exactly whatcha mean about getting flat hair! I JUST crocheted a hat almost like this a week ago, and found that it didn't flatten my hair either. Great minds think alike I guess! :)