November 10, 2011

Cutie Pie Thursday: Quotable Lincoln

Not all his time is spent quietly perusing books in his "Boy Cave"--our small lad is becoming quite the talker. Below, a selection of his bon mots (italics are my side of the conversation):

"I'm a scary robot monster . . . a dinosaur one!"

"The boot says yee-haw. The other boot says yee-haw. The hat doesn't say yee-haw!"

"The baby fork is sad." "Why?" "He misses his mommy and daddy fork." "Where are they?" "Mommy fork is on her plate. Daddy fork is in the drawer." (This conversation took place while we ate a meal without dad.)

"I have an idea!" "What is it?" "I don't know."

"What smells stinky on my body?"

"I'm not big. I'm just a little boy."


Grandad Cool said...

Was Mama able to answer the question in next to last quote?

Amanda said...

Yes, indeed I was. That was his way of implying he needed a new diaper!