September 25, 2011

Shakespeare Yarn Club Skein One

For my birthday, I joined Custom Yarn Dyer Amy Lee's Shakespeare Yarn Club for three months--the three months covering the play Much Ado About Nothing, one of my favorites.

Right after my birthday the first skein arrived--Kill Claudio (name of colorway) in luscious Leo MCS (merino/cashmere/silk.) She had a lovely color theory behind the crazy colors--it begins with pink symbolizing Hero's innocence, moves into a darker pink of infatuation, to a purple and blue symbolizing love and fidelity, then green symbolizing Claudio's jealousy, and finally a deep red marking Beatrice's demand of Benedick that he "Kill Claudio."

You can really see the movement of the colors with the skein on my swift. Lovely--I am definitely going to use this when next I teach Shakespeare--students can create a description of the plot/emotion of a play using color!

Some people in the knitting world call yarn with this much variance of color "clown barf." Sometimes it applies, but not with this gorgeous skein--even wound in a ball I loved the colors.

As it had so much gorgeousness (and cashmere!) I decided to make a shawlette instead of socks with this skein. I chose Yvaine, a lovely pattern that uses garter, stockinette, and seed stitch. I love seed stitch, and it worked incredibly well with this pattern. I love this shawlette, and I know I will get tons of wear out of it this winter. Variegated colors go with everything!

I even had enough left to make some fantastic little mitts, that just keep my hands warm. I know I will wear these in the winter when my hands get a bit chilly. I love how the stripes pooled on these mitts.

I can't wait for my second skein--it should be arriving this week!

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bspinner said...

Great color way. I love that you chose to know a shawlette. Pretty!