September 08, 2011

Cutie Pie Thursday: Swingin' Toddler Pad

Mr. Cool worked hard this week to be the coolest dad around, as he turned our under-the-stairs storage into a swingin' toddler play/toy closet. Earlier, he had worked on the door, cutting it in two and adding a shelf. The wee lad was already playing with that, unafraid of the power tools around him.

Now he can enjoy a sweet place to play, with nice new carpet, wooden walls, and a bean bag chair (for the ultimate lounging experience.) I would like to add some more posters to brighten up the walls!

I can hang out there too, with my bionic boot, and Lincoln has already moved in quite a stack of books!

And of course, he can always shut us out and have a wonderful time on his own!


The Coach said...

Super-awesome! What kid wouldn't want his own drive-thru restaurant window to play at!

Amanda said...

He has served me "food" from there before!