April 10, 2011

Stay-at-Home Mom Files: Knitted Swiffer Pad

Yes. Believe your eyes, because it's true. I knitted a swiffer cover. Why, you may ask? Why would I use my precious baby-hat/monkey finger puppet knitting time on a swiffer cover?

Because I am cheap. To cheap to pay for the real things. And, it only took me two evenings, the fabulous Mason-Dixon Knitting Swifty pattern, and multiple scraps of Lily Sugar 'n Cream. (Nephews and nieces could spot their Christmas washcloths.) The verdict: it works great--just as well as a regular swiffer cloth, and you just toss it into the wash and re-use it. Bonus: great for the environment! Now I just need to make one for Lincoln's swiffer--after I knit a baby hat and another monkey finger puppet--I have deadlines for those!

1 comment:

Anaïs Forlot said...

Hahaha ! Well I think your swiffer cover is very cute :) And it's the first time i see a home-made one... and knitted !