April 13, 2011

Favorite Things: The Good Wife

It just won a Peabody, so there probably isn't much I can add to its acclaim, but if you are not watching The Good Wife, find the first season on DVD and get into this great show. Tuesday is my best night of TV, and I probably get way too excited about it (Glee! Raising Hope! The Good Wife!), but small things like that get you through a stay-at-home mom week. Here's why I love it:

1. The Acting: Alan Cumming! Juliana Margulies! Archie Punjabi! Roger Rees in a guest role as an arson investigator! Chris Noth! Michael J. Fox as Alicia's nemesis--using his disability to gain jury respect! Everyone on this show is a superb actor--really, truly, superb--some of them are doing their best work or close to it.

2. The Cases: Every trial is new, different, and exciting! They have made me care deeply about class action suits.

3. The Love Triangle: It does not/will not/may not go how you expect it to go--no one is perfect (except maybe Alicia).

4. The Campaign: Alan Cumming is amazing as Eli Gold. Enough said.

5. Something Happens Every Week: There are about three-four storylines handled gracefully and smoothly every week--some plots move along, some slow down, but I am never disappointed by the arcs followed.

What can I say? I love this show--watch it!

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