April 11, 2011

Feminist Failure?

I've been reading Gail Collins's books on the history of feminism in America, and I'm feeling a bit like a feminist failure: I majored in English and taught HS English (she argues that teachers are low-paid because it is/was a traditionally female career path), was married right out of college (I only ever lived in my father's/husband's home, never on my own), and I am currently staying home raising a child and doing all the laundry.

Can I do all this and still be a feminist in my heart and mind? Why didn't I become a doctor or a lawyer? I know I still have feminist beliefs, but am I acting out on them? Just some musings on a slow day of mothering and emptying the dishwasher.


Hannah said...


This is an interesting article, only related to your life by the thread of feminism (or maybe you can find more points of connection, but none come to mind).

I think you're doing a good job.

Amanda said...

Very interesting. Originally, I feel feminists wanted to avoid men--to be better than them, not the same, so it is disappointing to watch women degrade themselves, to lower themselves to be like "the worst sort of man", to use a spinsterish phrase.