January 29, 2011

Peace, Love, Robot: A Knitted Toy Process

The robot I made for Brotha-in-law Cool's birthday began as a pile of knitted pieces: 8, in fact, in grey Patons Classic Wool, with Cascade and Lamb's Pride scraps forming the arms, legs, and ear/antenna.

Next, following clever instructions from KnitWit (a gift from my hubby) and my favorite Mochimochi knits, I had it seamed together quite well--best toy seaming yet!

Finally, using wool felt scraps from my mother and the blanket stitch and backstitch, I had a slightly sinister robot.

He's not perfect, and I don't know yet if the Brotha-in-law likes him, but I hope so. He was fun to make--I finished the embroidery while watching Blades of Glory, which I don't think he liked--hence the expression!

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